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Henan Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd., located in the junction of 250 mils Manglin and Luohe River and the Yellow River and immerged in Luohe River culture in thousands of years, has always upholding the business philosophy of “every step is the first step” to form its own unique corporate culture.

Business purpose of Hengxing

To increase effectiveness for investors, to increase profits for partners, to increase dividend income for share holders, to increase earnings for employees, to increase wealth for the community, and to increase benefits for the people.

Enterprise spirit of Hengxing

Dare to be pioneer without fear of a late start, climb the peak in endless endeavor.

Code of conduct for employees

Loving Hengxing, emphasizing on unity and dedication; being good at technological innovation, being diligent in study and research; being disciplined, willing to endure hardship; establishing image of integrity, and being a model of creative company.

Voice within employees’ hearts

Providing quality goods to customers, to let Hengxing shine all over the world; establishing image of integrity to bring benefits of the company to the homeland.

Pursuit of employees

Fixing eyes on the "internet", harboring the "global village"; learning first-class technology, being first-class employee; establishing first-class brand, and creating first-class performance.