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Company Profile

Cpmpany Profile

Henan Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 1995 is a large key enterprise in Henan Province, the National Torch Program key high-tech enterprise, the largest galvanized steel wire and steel strand manufacturer in China, the largest manufacturer of steel cord radial tire for radial tire use in Henan Province, and the domestic A-share listed company (stock code: 002132), subordinated five wholly-owned subsidiaries and three sub-holding companies, having more than 2700 people employees. In 2014, the company had total assets of RMB 3.4 billion, sales income of RMB 1.88 billion, and profits and taxes of RMB140 million. The company has been awarded the "Outstanding Private Enterprise in Henan Province", "Top-100 High-tech Enterprise of Henan" and "Top-500 Private Enterprise in China". Besides, the company‘s "Hengxing" brand products have been rated as "Famous Chinese Trademark", "National Inspection-free Product" and "Famous Brand of Henan" and other honorary titles.

Company Profile

The company mainly produces steel cord for radial tire use, hose wire, ultra fine steel wire,diamond wire saw, galvanized steel wire and alloy coated steel wire, steel strand, and PC strand. Those products are widely used in automobile tires, rubber hoses, power cables, overhead power lines, high-speed railways, ports, and photovoltaic solar silicon wafer cutting and other industries, which are a part of new material field in the seven strategic new industries. The company currently has eight advanced steel cord production lines, 20 galvanized steel wire and steel strand production lines and six PC steel strand production lines, producing more than 40 varieties of products in six categories, with an annual special steel wire products output of 400,000 tons and to be a leading enterprise in domestic metal products segment. Company’s steel strand products have been tested in field by Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute and China Hydropower Supplies Corporation, and designated as the special products for Three Gorges power delivery, and west-to-east electricity transmitting and other large engineering. In addition, the company had been participating into the development of national standards including Galvanized Steel Wire for Overhead Stranded Wire Use, Wire for Rubber Hose Reinforcement.

The company is based on high technology and high-tech talents, adhering to the leading technology and business innovation strategies, constantly enhancing the company's innovation and R & D capabilities, improving the company's core competitiveness and market resilience, and comprehensively promoting the transformation and upgrading of company, to lay a solid foundation for the grand goal of "ten billion Hengxing" and "a hundred years of Hengxing".