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Henan Hengxing Science & Technology Co., Ltd

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Henan Hengxing Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, has 24 years of experience in the production and manufacture of steel wire.with more than 3200 employees and an area more than 400,000 m2.

Listed on Shenzhen A stock market in 2007 (stock code: 002132).

Honored as "Outstanding Private Enterprise in Henan Province", "Top-100 High-tech Enterprise of Henan" and "Top-500 Private Enterprise in China".

Hengxing brand is well known as "Famous Chinese Trademark", "National Inspection-free Product" and "Famous Brand of Henan".

Main production: Acsr core wire(10,000 ton/year),Galvanized Steel Strand(150000 ton/year),Hose reinforcement wire(50,000 ton/year),PC Strand(220000 ton/year),Steel Cord for Radial Tire(150,000 ton/year),diamond wire saw (9000,000 km/year),Polycrystalline Solar Wafer(1,200,000,000 pcs/year, 0.54GW/year)

The products of steel wire are in conformity with quality certificate system ISO14001, ISO 9001, and ISO16949.

Galvanized Steel Wire & Steel Strand With quality certificate of ISO, BV, RoHS, SGS report 

PC Steel Strand With quality certificate of OHSAS, DCL and National Test Report

Our professional sales representatives will provide you the suggestions of metal wire and applications. Just tell us your requirements and your problems, we will help you solve them.

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