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Crises are fueling the global steel wire trade

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Currently, China Enterprises have entered a critical stage of speeding up their return to normal operations. The epidemic is slowing down inside China, creating favorable conditions for the resumption of labor and production.

However, as global industrial chains and provide chains are interlinked and inseparable, the continuing spread of the epidemic abroad, will affect the resumption of China's foreign trade enterprises.

however China's foreign trade is resilient, and enterprises’ adaptability and market development ability also are very strong.

the impact of the epidemic on China’s imports and exports is temporary and phased, and therefore the long-term trend of foreign trade development has not changed.

China remains the most important steel wire producing country worldwide, Moreover, We are China's largest manufacture of galvanized steel wire, prestressed wire, steel radial tire, diamond wire saw, Polycrystalline Solar Wafer, etc.